Q: Sync With MS Outlook

Q: Sync With MS Outlook

Post by Chri » Tue, 11 May 1999 04:00:00

I have to write a translater to port some dbase records to outlook, i was
just gonna export a cvs and then import it into outlook, but i was wondering
if anyone hade some information on the outlook contact database if there was
a way to directly write to it, and if it's possible to sync it, ie if i
delete a contact in the main app when i sync outlook would delete that
contact etc....

Any ideas?



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I'm writing an Intranet for our company (i'm a student an do an assignment
within this comp.). And in this intranet i've written an calender like in MS
Outlook with appointments and stuff..
Also you can add contacts and all that.

Now they've asked me if I could try to synchronize te appointments and
contacts from the MSOutlook from employees (standalone outlook not with
exchange server) with the intranet..

thus, an employee would click a button and then the intranet would fetch the
data from the calender and contacts in outlook and put them in my intranet

Can anybody help me out with this...

maybe some reference points or something...


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