Gettting SQL0751N trying to call java stored procedure from a java stored procedure

Gettting SQL0751N trying to call java stored procedure from a java stored procedure

Post by Tamm » Sun, 07 Apr 2002 07:41:39

I am trying to call a java stored procedure from a java stored

I am getting the following error.

[IBM][CLI Driver][DB2/NT] SQL0751N  User defined function or procedure
"" (specific name "") attempted to execute a statement that is not



1. Calling a Java Stored Procedure from another Java Stored Stored Procedure

I'm using the stored procedure builder of DB2 UDB v6.1 on NT to create a
Java Stored Procedure to call another Java Stored Procedure. Both of
them belong to the same project in stored procedure builder.
The sp that calls another sp has the code as follows:
// Calling another java sp -- ErrorHandler
ErrorHandler err = new ErrorHandler();
err.execute("Test #1", 100, "Testing #1");
When I want to build the sp which calls another sp from within, it gave
me an error as follows:
com\intertrac\datamart\sp\ Class
com.intertrac.datamart.sp.ErrorHandler not found in type declaration.
ErrorHandler err = new ErrorHandler();
Does anyone have any clue of how this can be properly done ? Please let
me know.

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