error 3050 - couldn't open file / vb 4.0 trying to open access database

error 3050 - couldn't open file / vb 4.0 trying to open access database

Post by bob bet » Wed, 14 Mar 2001 05:58:34

i sometimes get this message from a vb 4.0 program attempting to open a .mdb
with shared read-only usage. the program is running under a user-id with
read (I have tried read-write permissions as well) permissions to all the
directories in the hierachy and including the directory where the .mdb file
resides (on a winnt server). there are no other users that have the .mdb
open, there are no .idb files in the .mdb directory.???????? what am i
previous to this open attempt other programs/users with read-write
privileges have had the .mdb in question open for updates with exclusive and
read-write usage and i'm suspecting that somehow the locks from the previous
useage are not being cleared.
when this happens the only way i can clear the locks is to reboot the nt
anybody ever run into this and any solutions short of rebooting the
many thanks if you can help, i think i have thoroughly done the RTFM routine
with no help

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Can anyone explain what might cause this error?  I have a VB 4.0-32 app
accessing an Access 97 database.  The workstation in question has Access
95 installed.  Could this be the culprit?  All of my other users have
either no Access or Access 2.0 or Access 97 installed and the error
doesn't occur.

Any conflicts with DLLs?

Any help would be appreciated.

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