Problem: CancelUpdate FAILS for a DataGrid bound to Oracle database

Problem: CancelUpdate FAILS for a DataGrid bound to Oracle database

Post by UUne » Wed, 14 Jul 1999 04:00:00

MyDataControl.Recordset.CancelUpdate method fails when there's any error on
Oracle database-server while trying to update a New record (bound thru
DataControl and displayed using bound DataGrid). For example, if a key-value
is missing, or a column that cannot be NULL is being updated with NULL
value, Oracle returns error message which DataGrid displays correctly.
There's only one way out of this situation, which is to satisfy all
constraints. Even if the user now decides not to continue with the said
operation, and wants to fall back by trying to cancel, calling the
CancelUpdate method fails, generating further error. It goes into an
un-ending loop of error conditions, where the only way out is by providing
all the correct values.

My guess is its the grid which is creating problem. For an existing record,
if I try to modify data which would fail update operation on the database(by
changing numeric data to non-numeric, for example), the grid displays error
message, and also changes back to the old value, by itself.

DataGrid 6.0 (SP3, MSDATGRD.OCX version 6.00.8418, dated Feb 22, '99) bound
to Oracle7.3.3.6 database thru ADO Data Control(version 6.00.8418, dated Feb
22, '99, updated to MDAC_TYP SP3 of Visual Basic6-SP3).

Any help is appreciated.


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Thanks for your help in advance!


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