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Post by Rafael Szuminsk » Thu, 28 Mar 2002 15:49:11

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Quote:> Hi!
> I am working on access database. I have a table name
> Table1 which has fields name "QuoteNum" and "Name". I also
> have the form based on this table. In the form view, I
> have command button named "Add Quote". Clicking on the
> command button, the field name "QuoteNum" should autofill
> the next QuoteNum that is in order(for example, if the
> last quote number in the table is 02-004, the next number
> supposed to be auto-filled as 02-005). So, please help me
> to solve this problem.

> Thank you all.


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Im developing a system based on Acess97 with VBA tools and I need to make
a button that copy a record from a form (including the records of the
subforms contained on this form) to paste as a new form (modifying just the
primary key, that is a counter). Would it be possible to do this procedure
using VBA? How could I do that?

Thanks a lot,

Luis Felipe Carvalho

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