Local Interbase Problems and Questions

Local Interbase Problems and Questions

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Generator + Trigger + Foreign Key
I have a table getting unique keys from a generator called by a "before insert" trigger.
Works smoothely when inserting rows using SQL INSERT from the ISQL tool. When entering rows using DBD or
through a Delphi application i get an error/exception (can't remember if it's EDatabaseError or
EDBEngineError) saying "Record/Key deleted". The table involved also have a couple of foreign keys
and some check constraints. What do I do wrong?

Character Sets
I can't figure out which character set to use as default when creating databases. Also I don't
really get the purpose of the character set setting in BDEConfig. I want the database to work
properly with Swedish characters in a Windows environment. I have tried to use ISO????_? (can't
remember the exact name) with success using Delphi applications and DBD for entering rows, while
this raises an error using a Microsoft SQL tool, (deployed with Microsoft Office) through ODBC.
Viewing data works. Please help me.

I plan on making an application using Interbase (not Local Interbase). The application is a retail
store system. The reason of choosing Interbase would be the need for the powerful ANSI SQL syntax,
and transaction handling for data security. Concerning the multiuser issue I think there will
be no more than 3 - 5 simultaneuous users.

However, before I decide on buying
the not so cheap Client-Server version of Delphi I want to exploit the features of Interbase, assuming
the Local Interbase Server is comparable to Interbase Server.

Firstly I have recognized LIBS to be quite slow. Is this
performance comparable to IB?

Further I have some wonderings on managing a database and the server.
Is it possible to execute isql scripts "silently" without the ISQL tool? (My users are swedish, and I don't
want to annoy them with english programs.) This question arise when creating a database on
installation of an application. (Maybe an IB system get so complex that one cannot assume a normal
user to manage the installation by him(her)self? If this is the case please tell me.) This problem
also comes up when backing up a database, or adding users. This is done through the server manager,
which I consider a program requiring knowledges on databases which one can not assume from an
ordinary user. I really would like to be able to make an own user interface using Delphi. How?

In the LIBS documentation one use terms as SQL, isql and embedded sql. I understand that SQL can be
used from a TQuery component and Isql extensions merely from the ISQL tool. Is this the case? What
is embedded SQL?

Which are the distribution regulations concerning Local Interbase?
I do have the desktop version of Delphi with the redist disks. There seems to be no LIBS support
on those though. Also I read a post from mr Koterski, where I think he mentioned that a difference
between the d.t. and the c.s. versions are that the latter includes a distribution right for
LIBS, which also could be bought separately. Does this mean better support for configuring the
server from custom programs?

With the Client/Server-version, do I have full free distribution rights on the IB server?

I appreciate all kind of answers (even flames! :) )

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1. problem accessing a Local Interbase database from Delphi?

I'm having problems accessing a Local Interbase database from Delphi 1.

The database, tables, indexes, etc. were created using a script in
Windows ISQL and an alias was set up using BDE Config.

When I add a Table to my Delphi form, set the DatabaseName property to
the alias and set the Active property to True I am presented with a
Database Login dialog requesting a Username and Password.  I didn't
think this was required for accessing a Local Interbase database (i.e.
only remote server Interbase databases) and when I just hit the OK
button I get a "Unknown Database. Your Username and Password are not
defined, ..." error message.  If I enter a Username and Password which
I've added using the Interbase Server Manager and hit OK I get a
"Unknown database. Cannot attach to the password database." error

Am I missing something?

Cheers, Ken

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