bla bla ... see the Programmer's Guide

bla bla ... see the Programmer's Guide

Post by Fant.. » Tue, 16 Jan 1996 04:00:00

Hello All.

Got Delphi client/server v 1.1 (revision 136).

In my Borland Interbase Workgroup Server manual, on pg. 115, they write:

For a full discussion of data retrieveal in embedded programming using DECLARE
CURSOR and SELECT, se the Programmer's guide.

on pg. 1 (The Interbase documentation set)

It says :

Programmer's Guide      Describes how to write embedded SQL and DSQL
database applications in a host language, precompiled through gpre.

My big problem is:

on the shelf :  no programmers guide (happens often, i tend to mislay things)

worse yet :


Did Borl forget to pay the author?

What happended?

Where is that book?

Does it exist?

Can I get it?

Is it somewhere else on the CD?

Please help, anyone....

If we were paying for the documentation alone, BORL ought to send us all a
check - sometimes, it feels like a joke..


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thanks in advance :O)

Best Regards
Thanks to post replies to the newsgroup :O)

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