Using MS Access forms in VC++

Using MS Access forms in VC++

Post by cind » Mon, 28 Jul 1997 04:00:00


I've created a database with tables, queries, and forms with MS Access
7.  When I try to use the database in VC+_+ 4.0, it only translates the
tables, not the queries or forms.  I saw in the VC Books on-line,
there's a topic on using SQL in a C++ program.  But I don't want to have
to redo the forms.  I can if I have to, but my problem is that one of
the forms has a subform that is extensible (you can have many records
for this one table to go with  record in the main form).  Could someone
tell me how Ican import the MS Access forms and subforms?


1. version 6 of MS VC++ and Access 2000 using dao


I got a program to work just fine with version 5 of MS VC++ and Access

As of Feb of 2000, 18 months ago, I wanted to be able to use version 6
of MS VC++ and Access 2000.

At that time it didn't work.  Version 6 of MS VC++ could not find the
Access 2000 info, though it could work with the older 97 version of

It seemes that there was, at that time, a stable though insane error
in the version 6 C++ system that refused to look anywhere in the
registry for the location of the proper version and location of
Access, hence it could ONLY look for the Access 97 version and
location, hard coded into the Version 6 C++ system.  Hence, it could
NOT be upgraded as a tandem of v6 of C++ and Access 2000 without the
folks at Microsoft pulling their respective heads out of their butts
to get these two flagship products to work together.

Has there been any progress with making the DAO Jet engine work
these two MS products?

I really could use the help because of a need to have the Access 2000
version working on the targeted machine, and because I bought the
combination of stuff with the idea that these two flagship products of
MS would work together in the same fashion as the previous versions.
Silly me.

There has been plenty of time to turn this horrible situation around,
over 2 years, and I hope that it's done, and I just haven't yet heard
about it.

If there are any MS lurkers here, please email me with whatever you
can to help.

Please don't suggest that I massively rewrite the code that took me so

Microsoft don't have to include this kind of normal migration in their

I'm fucked if I have to rewrite the code.

I'm already fucked because the old combination of Access 97 and v5 or
v6 of MS C++ is not a current combo.

This is really a pain in the ass.


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