Convert Access Forms to VB

Convert Access Forms to VB

Post by Mark Kerm » Tue, 05 Dec 1995 04:00:00

Is there a utility to convert Access 1.1 forms to VB 3.0 forms?  How
about Access 2.0 forms?  Thanks in advance.

Convert Access Forms to VB

Post by Michael Anders » Thu, 07 Dec 1995 04:00:00

I once saw a utility on compuserve that claimed to do it.  I forget
the forum.  I have the utility if you want it.  It says that it aids

or search on compuserve for "aphAc2Vb" in one of the likely forums.



1. Converting Access forms to VB forms

Questions about Visual Basic forms versus MS Access forms

We have developed an application in MS Access 2.0 with about
50+ forms and 70+ tables.  Some of our users are complaining
now about performance.  They are using this product during meetings
and they want to be able to jump around from form to form very
quickly in a 5,000+ record database.

One solution we looked at was to load up a bunch of forms at
once, and then navigate around the database, leaving the forms
open.   The problem with this is Windows only allows 8-9 forms
to be opened at once, and then you get memory/resource utilization
problems and the damn thing croaks.

So we are wondering about replacing our MS Access forms with
a Visual Basic front end that would use our MS Access database
but (hopefully) present the data on the screen a lot faster.

Here's my questions:
1) Compared to MS Access forms, are Visual Basic forms faster to
load and/or faster to populate with data?  How much faster on a
large database?
2) Does Visual Basic use as much system resources as MS Access (and,
therefore, will I still be restricted to only opening 8-9 forms
at one time?)
3) What kind of effort can I expect for re-writing MS Access
forms in Visual Basic?  e.g. how many hours/days/weeks per form
to convert from Access to Visual Basic?
4) Are there any other hints or gotchas I should be concerned about?

Thanks in advance for your help

Rich Haerr
HRSoft, Inc.

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