How to display the graphic drawing on the Web?

How to display the graphic drawing on the Web?

Post by Zhao » Thu, 17 Jul 2003 00:53:03

I made a Java program that I want to insert a .gif into my frame
window. It can be shown through appletviewer in the local machine, but
it can't be displayed on the Web.

insert into a frame window:
class frame1 extends Frame
Image picture = getToolkit().getImage("pic.gif");//pic.gif is on
current dir

  public void paint (Graphics page)
    page.drawImage (picture, 50, 100,200,50, this);

  }//method paint()


Another applet class that can invoke the frame1 is embeded in a
index.html. When run the index.html, the graphic is not displayed. Can
anybody tell me how to get the graphic on the Web?



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    After combing through the Filemaker knowledgebase and examples, I could
not find any examples of how to have Filemaker generate a .gif from a portal
        Does anyone have any ideas?
I tried by inserting  the following into the .htm doc:
[FMP-Portal: job_numbers]

<img src="[FMP-Image: job_numbers::company_logo]">

but it didn't work. I thought the [FMP-Image] tag would work much like the
[FMP-Field] tag, but no such luck.
Thanks in advance for any help.

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