Config Oracle Class files and Vcafe

Config Oracle Class files and Vcafe

Post by Tito River » Thu, 29 Apr 1999 04:00:00

How do I use the files for the JDBC thin driver I dowloaded from Oracle and
I included the path in the classpath and imported the oracle classes.

Tito Rivera


1. Help with config.fx, config.fp, config.fpw files


We have a problem at the company I work for.  We are still using FoxBase+,
FoxPro for DOS and FoxPro 2.6a for development.  We don't really have anyone
here who understands the proper way to set up these configuration files.  We
have customers who are reporting 'Out of Memory' errors on their machines
when running our software.
This one happens to be written in FoxBase+.  Here is what our config.fx
looks like:


I am pretty sure the mvcount is kind of high.  I have read somewhere that if
you include a files and buffers statement in your config.fx, you must be
sure to verify that the same settings in your config.sys are at least 10
higher.  Is this correct?  Any help that anyone can give on this subject
will be greatly appreciated.  If additional information is needed, e-mail me
and I will send it.



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