Install Access 2.0 Cmpt Layer w/o Access 2.0 for VB 3.0

Install Access 2.0 Cmpt Layer w/o Access 2.0 for VB 3.0

Post by Louis M. Lel » Fri, 07 Apr 1995 04:00:00

Does anyone know of a way to get the new compatiblity layer, which allows VB
to interface with Access 2.0 .MDB files, to install without actually having
Access installed on the PC?  Or is there another compatibility layer designed
for situations just like mine?

Thanks in advance.


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I am using visual basic 3.0 and have been given an Access 2.0 Database
to look at. I don't have MS Access 2.0 but I thought that if I
installed the compatability layer in comlyr.exe that I could use VB to
read the files. The problem is that the setup program for comlyr won't
work because it can't find access 2.0 in my system. Is there a way
around this or do I have to buy Access 2.0?


Grant Wickman

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