Delphi2/Network/Sybase SQL anywere ?? *!*

Delphi2/Network/Sybase SQL anywere ?? *!*

Post by Gunars Rodin » Sat, 19 Apr 1997 04:00:00

HI !
I am newbie in Delphi DB developing. Before i must take sorry for my bad
english ;( . I have installed Sybase SQL server. I wanna create some
applications in delphi2.01 to work with this database in LAN (Sybase SQL
anywere provides all me knowable protocols & etc. ) . If someone know ,
how to connect to this server on other LAN PC , plz send me this
"cheat". I have tryed connect with Tdatabase and DBE ODBC for Sybase ,
but every time :> wrong alias :(  . Plz help me !
                THX before , Gunars (Nick: Ido)
PS. Plz if you have ideas and samples , send me plz ;).


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Has anyone had problems with delphi 2 and sql
anywhere stored procedures?

I have been getting seemingly random error messages
about "access violations" when I attempt to access
stored procedure parameters from the TStoredProc

This seems more to do with the database than delphi
because it does not happen with MS SQL Server.  My
hunch is that it is related to ODBC stuff.  I don't
have enough expertise in this area to say.  Any
suggestions, workarounds?

Thank You,

Justin Hertog

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