Excessive Delay On Edit Method

Excessive Delay On Edit Method

Post by Bruce A. Wilkinso » Mon, 17 Mar 2003 05:53:25

Hi There

I am currently working on a project and have run accross something I have
never experienced before.  I am using the following code to save the
contents of an MSFlexgrid into a database using the data control.  However,
the first time it runs it takes 20 seconds or so.  Each subsequent run is
instant.  It's as though it is trying to setup variables.

Can anyone suggest any way to eliminate this delay?

Dim FieldNumber%
Dim x As Integer
FieldNumber = 2
Form1.MSFlexGrid1.Col = 1
For x = 0 To 71
Form1.MSFlexGrid1.Row = x
Form1.Data4.Recordset(FieldNumber).Value = Form1.MSFlexGrid1.Text
FieldNumber = FieldNumber + 1


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