[GENERAL] Queries across multiple databases ?(was:

[GENERAL] Queries across multiple databases ?(was:

Post by Bruce Momji » Wed, 23 May 2001 20:34:55

Quote:> > I'm not sure whether it is quite the way to do it, but I'd have a better
> > time with things if I could span databases in a single request. Are
> > there theoretical problems with spanning databases in a single query? Is
> > it a feature of bad database design & implementation?

> I think the developers are planning full schema support for the relatively
> near future (possibly even 7.2, but check the archives and see what's been
> said). Although it looks easy to access a table from another database,
> things can rapidly become more complicated as you start having to deal with
> transactions, triggers, rules, constraints...

Schema is on my radar screen for 7.2.  I am waiting to do some research
in what needs to be done, but my initial idea is to use the system cache
to do namespace mapping, just like is done now for temp tables.

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