unicode or cyrillic in postgresql

unicode or cyrillic in postgresql

Post by pgin » Mon, 23 Sep 2002 18:56:55

Hi all,

I have created a new db with unicode options.
After inserting some data (varchar defined) into my table,
I started  select * from mytable order by my_varchar_field.

I was supprised, but the sorting do not work!

Is it a bug in postgresq or it do not support unicode sorting?

Can I use nvarchar as datatype in postgresql ?

Exist any direction to point me for unicode and cyrillic in postgresql?

Many thanks in advance,

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I have the following problem.
I receive a source data file which has one data column
in code page 1251 ( cyrillic characters ) and two in DBCS
Unicode characters. The rest of the columns are normal
ANSI SQL datatypes. The soure file is NOT defined as a
Unicode file.

I need to load this source file in to SQL server 7.0 (SP0)
running Codepage 1252.

Using DTS, the file is loaded correctly except for the
Unicode columns, which are garbage after the load in SQL

Using BCP, I cannot use the SQL native data type format
file to load. However it can be loaded with a format file
defining all columns as Char, but then then the cyrillic
data column (code page 1251)is not correctly loaded.
-N parm of BCP expects a Unicode file but the source file
is not UNICODE.

Am I trying to do something impossible as the table
consists of Code page 1251 and DBCS Unicode characters?

Any help appreciated!



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