newbie qs; examining databases and tables

newbie qs; examining databases and tables

Post by Ross J. Reedstro » Sat, 26 Oct 2002 04:12:22

> Ok, thanks.

and one more:

\? -- lists 'slash' commands

And just in case it comes up:

launch psql with the -E switch, to see the SQL queries that
are performed to get that data.


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1. newbie qs; examining databases and tables

I'm someone with some mysql experience and need to set up postgres for
a product we're evaluating.  In mysql I can use SHOW DATABASES to list
all of the databases on the system, USE DB1 to switch to one of the
databases, SHOW TABLES to list all of the table names in the database
I'm USEing, and DESCRIBE TABLE1 to list all of the column names, data
types, etc. for a table.

How do I do the equivalent with postgresql?  Are there equivalent SQL

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