To Peter Eisentraut

To Peter Eisentraut

Post by mjos » Mon, 09 Apr 2001 15:14:39

> Hello again:
> A lot of days ago, we wrote to you asking about how can we do to make
> PostreSql run over W98. Ian Cris Capon Field sent us a binary with the
> solution, so we installed and at this moment is working ok. PostgreSql
> is the most suitable database to our proyect, because we selected to
> work with Oriented Object Metodology and its alows us to use inheritance
> , for example.
> As you know, we are a group of students of ORT Uruguay , that are
> developing our Final Tesis. The reason to email you again , is because
> we need to know if exists a  stored procedure thats returns us the last
> oid wed recently inserted. We are using a max(oid)  sintaxis to obtein
> it. But we thougth this solution is not the best solution.
> The second question is how can we use oid like foreing keys.We need this
> to control data integrity of database.
> Thaks a lot ... and I hope you can answer soon.

> >From Paysand-Uruguay
> Maria Jos.

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1. Look what Peter Z found :o)

            I must have been sleeping...
            Sun, 3 Mar 2002 23:01:56 +0100

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Hm...just found the following on:


This Web Site supports Paradox? Users and Developers interested in sharing
their knowledge relating the Paradox? Database Application. You will find
extensive Articles, as well as Tips and Tricks galore. Many thanks to Liz
Woodhouse for creating and maintaining this extremely informative Web Site.

I haven't seen this pass the ng's. Guess I must have been sleeping.

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