RPMs for PHP accessing PostgreSQL via ODBC

RPMs for PHP accessing PostgreSQL via ODBC

Post by Chri » Wed, 07 Mar 2001 08:32:13

Quote:> > >Is it really necessary to use PHP and ODBC? PHP has a native postgresql
> > >interface I believe...

> > It sounds like the postgres server is a different machine to the web
> > server, so ODBC is needed to communicate between the 2..

>No it isn't.  Postgres should be accessible via PHP whether it's on the
>same server or on a remote server (and Postgres is configured to allow
>remote access).  The only reason I can guess as to why ODBC is being used
>is to perhaps maintain code compatibility with the use of a different
>databse platform that the web server may have been using previously.

>-- Brett

I've never tried so had no idea :)

How do you configure it into PHP?

./configure --help | grep pgsql
   --with-pgsql[=DIR]      Include PostgreSQL support.  DIR is the PostgreSQL
                           base install directory, defaults to

Chris Smith

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We are currently running the following configuration on our server:

Linux Red Hat 7.0
PostgreSQL 7.1beta4-1
PHP 4.0.1pl2

I need to add some RPM package (or perhaps an apache module) to enable PHP
to access PostgreSQL via ODBC.

In order to have PostgreSQL native access support we installed package

Is there some similar RPM package to enable ODBC access in PHP4.0.1pl2?

If not, how should I procceed?


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