optimizing a view-driven query

optimizing a view-driven query

Post by will trilli » Fri, 30 Mar 2001 08:07:50

if i've got a view that joins three or four tables, is there a
way to SELECT on that view to bypass any of the joins if they're
not needed in the result?

        create view course as
                        _course.name as course,
                        _topic.name  as topic,
                        _school.name as school,
                        _state.name  as state,
                        _school.zip  as zip
                        _course.topic = _topic.id
                        _topic.school = _school.id
                        _state.abbr   = _school.state

        select * from course ;
        -- shows all fields via all tables

        select topic from course where course like '%comput%' ;
        -- not asking for state, we don't need to join the state table

here the optimizer might know we don't need to join the static
lookup '_state' table. can this be made to happen?

or is it just best to have "one view, one purpose"?

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optimizing a view-driven query

Post by Tom La » Fri, 30 Mar 2001 08:31:57

>    select topic from course where course like '%comput%' ;
>    -- not asking for state, we don't need to join the state table

But you still do need to join, because the join affects which rows
will be returned.  The fact that you don't happen to use any values
out of one of the joined tables in your SELECT list is not very

In this example, you might happen to know (or think you know) that there
will be one and only one state row matching any possible row from the
subjoin of the other tables, so in the end it wouldn't affect the number
of rows output.  This is not an assumption the planner is prepared to
make, however.

                        regards, tom lane

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