Request for reference sites

Request for reference sites

Post by Julian Satche » Wed, 20 Nov 2002 22:21:56

Dear postgres users,

I hope you will excuse me asking for a volunteer or volunteers to take
part as a reference site for a case study on experiences (both positive
and negative) converting from proprietary to Open Source products. If
you are interested in participating, please contact me off list.

The study has been asked for by the Office of Government Commerce (OGC),
which co-ordinates procurement for the UK Government. The OGC is part of
the Treasury.

Following the publication of the new UK Open Source policy (I was one of
the authors of the report that formed the main input into the policy),
the OGC are seeking some case studies on the experiences of adopters of
Open Source products. We are currently seeking sites that would be
willing to be involved. Involvement will take the form of a structured
questionnaire, probably supplemented by a telephone interview.

Case studies based on large organizations or businesses would be
particularly compelling. The OGC stipulate that the case studies should
be original research, not based on previously published studies.




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