[SQL] Regression tests failed on 7.2rc2

[SQL] Regression tests failed on 7.2rc2

Post by Peter Eisentra » Sat, 02 Feb 2002 01:58:33

Quote:Radu-Adrian Popescu writes:
> So, what's the catch here ? What am I missing ?

the actual list of tests that failed and the regression.diffs file


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[SQL] Regression tests failed on 7.2rc2

Post by Tom La » Sat, 02 Feb 2002 02:07:18

> I have built "PostgreSQL 7.2rc1 on i686-pc-linux-gnu, compiled by GCC 3.0.2=
> " a few days ago. After the build was done, i made the regression tests and=
>  some (15 or so) failed; i do recall the index test failed.

Doesn't sound good.  Let's see the regression diffs.  But not on these
lists, please --- pghackers or pgbugs would be more appropriate.

                        regards, tom lane

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1. Regression tests failing on abstime due to test date being

From: expected/abstime.out

   WHERE ABSTIME_TBL.f1 < abstime 'Jun 30, 2001';
 six |              f1
     | Sun Jan 14 03:14:21 1973 PST
     | Mon May 01 00:30:30 1995 PDT
     | epoch
     | current
     | -infinity
     | Sat May 10 23:59:12 1947 PST
(6 rows)

In my system current is now after Jun 30 and so doesn't appear. If the test
passes it's actually a huge problem ;).

Is it necessary to pick dates so close in the "future" when setting up the
test? How about setting such dates to some date when the next version is
likely to be out :). Then at least if it fails it's a convenient time to
ask newbies to upgrade to 7.X or even 8.

It's just a very minor issue, but this has happened before - one release
had the testdate < Y2K.


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