SOUNDEX - plans for SQL function?

SOUNDEX - plans for SQL function?

Post by Kym Farni » Tue, 26 Mar 2002 10:07:06

Hi - Are there any plans for SOUNDEX SQL function
in the future?   I'm happy to donate a Java
package that implements SOUNDEX if required.

-- Recall Design

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SOUNDEX - plans for SQL function?

Post by Dan Langill » Tue, 26 Mar 2002 10:27:31

Quote:> Hi - Are there any plans for SOUNDEX SQL function
> in the future?

There is something in the contrib directory.  For details on how I put
that into my database, see
and look for the section titled "Soundex/Fuzzy matching".

[yes, it's FreeBSD-centric, but the basic instructions should get you
going under any other OS]
Dan Langille
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1. pgsql/contrib/soundex (soundex.c

Author: tgl

Update of /home/projects/pgsql/cvsroot/pgsql/contrib/soundex

Modified Files:

-----------------------------  Log Message  -----------------------------

Revise handling of oldstyle/newstyle functions per recent discussions
in pghackers list.  Support for oldstyle internal functions is gone
(no longer needed, since conversion is complete) and pg_language entry
'internal' now implies newstyle call convention.  pg_language entry
'newC' is gone; both old and newstyle dynamically loaded C functions
are now called language 'C'.  A newstyle function must be identified
by an associated info routine.  See src/backend/utils/fmgr/README.

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