Welcome to FreeBSD unix discussion forums, message boards !

Welcome to FreeBSD unix discussion forums, message boards !

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1. Displaying page views for messages in Discussion Board

Hi all
This message might be slightly off topic, but I wasn't sure where else to post

Does anybody know how to display the number of page views for a particular
thread/message in a discussion board?  I know how to use the Microsoft
PageCounter COM object as well as Application/Session variables, however, I want
to display page hits not for some static page, but for a message-viewing page
that dynamically displays depending on the message ID/topic/thread chosen.  What
I want to do is display a list of popular discussion board messages with the
number of times they've been each viewed beside them.  Would I have to have use
SQL Server's built-in counters for this, or can I simply use ASP/ADO?  I know to
use SQL Server's built-in counters, I'd have to use triggers in conjunction with
stored procedures.  However, triggers only work w/ inserts, deletes and updates.  
When a site visitor views a message, only the SQL select statement executes, so a
trigger wouldn't help me here.

Thanks in advance.

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