Inherited tables....

Inherited tables....

Post by Greg Patnud » Tue, 20 Aug 2002 06:03:32

I'd like to know exactly what happens when I insert a row into an inherited
table.... Can anyone explain ?

I am creating a schema for an FAQ system where there are default FAQ's
associated with an insurance carrier (cb_carrier_plan_faq) and the carrier's
defaults can be used, not used, or extended for each employer using the
insurance plan... So... my question is

What is going to happen when I "INSERT INTO cb_employer_plan_faq ()...."
does it automatically include columns from the parent table ?

Also -- how many levels if inheritance is safe ????

CREATE TABLE "cb_carrier_plan_faq" (
 "id"                int4 DEFAULT nextval('carrier_plan_faq_seq')  NOT NULL
 "plan_id" int4 not null,
 "faq_item_id" int4 not null,
 "active_flag"       bool DEFAULT 't' ,
 "create_dt"         timestamptz DEFAULT now() ,
CONSTRAINT "cb_carrier_plan_faq_pkey" PRIMARY KEY ("id", "plan_id",

CREATE TABLE "cb_employer_plan_faq" (
 "employer_plan_id" int4 not null,
 "use_plan_faq" bool default 't',
 "employer_faq_item_id" int4,
 "emp_plan_active_flag"       bool DEFAULT 't' ,
 "emp_plan_create_dt"         timestamptz DEFAULT now() ,
CONSTRAINT "cb_employer_plan_faq_pkey" PRIMARY KEY ("id",
"employer_plan_id", "employer_faq_item_id")
) inherits (cb_carrier_plan_faq);


Greg Pat*


1. Inherited tables vs non-inherited tables

I've been trying an inherited-table schema for my database and seem to
be getting a performance hit. The old table looked like this:

CREATE TABLE center_out (
    subject                     text,
    arm                         char,
    target                      int4,
    rep                         int4,
    success                     int2,       -- end of primary key
    exp_date                    date,
    exp_time                    time,  
    inter_target_radius         int4,
    target_radius               int4);

Since the fields subject, arm, target, and rep appeared in just about
every other table as the primary key, I made it an inherited table for
the new schema:

CREATE TABLE center_out (
        subject    text,
        arm        char,
        target     int2,
        rep        int4,
        success    int2    

CREATE UNIQUE INDEX pkcenter_out ON center_out (subject, arm, target,
rep, success);

CREATE TABLE center_out_behavior (
    exp_date                     date,
    exp_time                     time,
    inter_target_radius          int2,
    target_radius                int2
) INHERITS (center_out);

However, queries such as "SELECT DISTINCT subject FROM center_out"
seem to take 2-3 times longer in the new schema. Does this make sense?
I was hoping that the inherited information would lead to an
easier-to-follow, smaller, and faster database since there wouldn't be
redundant information across tables.


 PostgreSQL 7.1.3 on i686-pc-linux-gnu, compiled by GCC 2.96

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