more translations

more translations

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1. ODBC character translation

When should I turn on/off the "perform character translation" option
in the ODBC datasource setup? The situation is follows:

Windows 2000 Server SP2 English
SQL Server 2000 SP2 English

Client App
Windows 2000 worstation SP2 Traditional Chinese
   (however regional settings is set to US English )
Access 2000 SR-1 Traditional Chinese (ODBC table links)

Within the Access app, I have a text box bound to a SQL nvarchar column.

1) When nvarchar is declared with <256 length, Access maps this to a text
Things work fine. The user can type both English and Chinese characters into
the Access
text box and the data is stored and retrieved correctly.

2) When nvarchar is declared with >=256 length, Access maps this to a memo
If the user type Chinese characters into the text box, the data becomes
unless "Perform character translation" is turned OFF in the ODBC dsn.
Then one can enter Chinese characters and store them correctly.

A) This seems backwards as I would expect that going across different
Windows language versions one would want character translation on, not off

B) With nvarchar(<256) it works regardless of the translation setting

Does anybody know what's going on or have a logical explaination ?

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