7.3 tag

7.3 tag

Post by Bruce Momji » Thu, 05 Dec 2002 00:50:06

I don't see any 7.3 tag created when we did the 7.3 release.  (I do see
the 7.3 branch.)

Marc, can a tag be added to match the 7.3 release tree?

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1. Installing PG 7.3 on stock RH 7.3

Hi people,

I am currently using PG 7.2.3 and want to upgrade to PG 7.3 :

When I try to install PG 7.3 on stock RH 7.3 machine I get errors of
the type:

error: failed dependencies:
         libc.so.6(GLIBC_2.3)   is needed by postgresql-libs-7.3.1-6
         libcrypto.so.4   is needed by postgresql-libs-7.3.1-6
         libssl.so.4   is needed by postgresql-libs-7.3.1-6

How much work is it to fix all the dependency problems?

Has someone got a roadmap for this?

Should I just upgrade to PG 7.2.4 instead?


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