Translated README.tree in tree.tar.gz

Translated README.tree in tree.tar.gz

Post by Oleg Bartun » Wed, 03 Jul 2002 00:53:57


I like your updated version and have put it on my site.
Are you willing to contribute some examples and test data,
so we (me, Teodor and you) could arrange separate page for this module.
As I wrote, we'll continue developing and you're welcome.


> Oleg,

> Attached is my latest version.  When something was unclear to me, I took the liberty to substitute
> what I thought it meant.

> George

> > Thanks George,

> > I've edit it a little bit, but still it's incomplete and looks wacky :)
> > Could you correct english ?

> > Hope it will helps.

> >       Oleg

> > > I used AltaVista's Babel Fish site,, to translate the README
> > file
> > > in tree.tar.gz available at  The english version
> > is
> > > attached.  The translation is not perfect.  You might want to make some changes.

> > > George Essig

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Neither one seems to have the documentation in it.

Thanks for all the answers on the php compile question!


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