anyone else with mod_perl/apache and 7.1

anyone else with mod_perl/apache and 7.1

Post by newsrea.. » Wed, 25 Apr 2001 11:28:35

I recently upgraded my production server
to 7.1 because people keep saying how
performance is so much better than 7.0.3
and because 8k row length limitation was removed

postgres is accessed by mod_perl processes
maintaining persistent connections.  Before
I can count the number of mod_perl processes
and the number of postgres backend processes
and they are the same.  Now postgres
processes outnumber mod_perl processes by
about 25% and for some reason the number
of processes (both mod_perl and postgres)
keep increasing beyond what is normal for the same
amount of traffic at my site.

Anyone else notice that?


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Hi, Ron,
thanks for your advice. I gradually understand why my DBD:Ingres did not
work with web dbi query, because I did not have mod_perl installed for
my apache. I am studying the mod_perl installation from apache web site.
My question is that how can I install mod_perl without affecting
previously built apache. As indicated at the apache web site on this installation, there
are a few parameters to be set up during configuration phase (perl

Any advice/assistance is highly approciated.


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