Sequence - Use calculated start value?

Sequence - Use calculated start value?

Post by Aragor » Fri, 01 Nov 2002 03:15:28

> I need to use a calculated start value for some sequences. eg:

> CREATE SEQUENCE tblco_cntcoid_key start (SELECT (MAX(cntcoid) + 100)
> FROM tblco) increment 1 maxvalue 2147483647 minvalue 1  cache 1;

> when I try this I get:
>   ERROR: parser: parse error at or near (

> I am migrating an MS Access DB to postgresql and need to retain the
> current value of the id columns (er cntcoid), but when I insert new
> values I want the cntcoid to start at a number greater than the last
> one in the table. When I use a normal sequence or serial type for the
> id, any new records are inserted starting at id 1.

> Anyone know how to do this?

> Thanks

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