Rules triggered by rules

Rules triggered by rules

Post by Gregory Seidm » Sun, 12 Jan 2003 07:41:23

Consider the following (contrived) tables, view, and rule:

        CREATE TABLE People (
                uid SERIAL not null,
                first varchar(255) not null,
                last varchar(255) not null,
                primary key (uid)

        CREATE TABLE Attributes (
                uid integer not null REFERENCES People(uid),
                tattooed boolean not null default false,
                alive boolean not null default true,
                primary key (uid)

        CREATE RULE AttributeRow AS ON INSERT TO People DO (
                INSERT INTO Attributes(uid)
                VALUES (COALESCE(NEW.uid, currval('people_uid_seq')));

        CREATE VIEW LongPeople AS (
                SELECT p.*, a.tattooed, a.alive
                FROM People AS p JOIN Attributes AS a ON p.uid = a.uid

I would like to add a rule for inserting into the view. The question is
whether or not the AttributeRow rule will be triggered. Actually, a better
question is probably when will the AttributeRow rule be triggered?

If I can figure out how to make AttributeRow only insert if a row with the
right uid doesn't exists, I think I can get around the issue by inserting
into the Attributes table first, but I'm not entirely sure. I'm also not
sure how reasonable/efficient the following modified AttributeRow rule is
(I'm pretty sure of its correctness):

        CREATE RULE AttributeRow AS ON INSERT TO People DO (
                INSERT INTO Attributes(uid)
                SELECT COALESCE(NEW.uid, currval('people_uid_seq'))
                WHERE NOT EXISTS (
                        SELECT * FROM Attributes
                        WHERE uid = COALESCE(NEW.uid, currval('people_uid_seq'))

So those are the two questions:

1) When will AttributeRow be executed when triggered by an ON UPDATE DO
   INSTEAD rule for LongPeople?

2) Is the modified AttributeRow rule above reasonable or is there a better


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