Place of PO files for NLS (was Re: PG_DUMP NLS (Russian))

Place of PO files for NLS (was Re: PG_DUMP NLS (Russian))

Post by Serguei Mokho » Tue, 09 Oct 2001 08:55:55

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> I was noticing that most of the translations are just being put into the
> root of the source tree.

Not exactly into the source root, but to the source
of individual components prepared for the NLS.

Quote:> I just thought I would point out that could get
> messy and many projects realizing this have created a po directory off the
> source tree to store the translations in.  It might be worthwhile to
> create such a directory and implement this now then when more and more
> translations start pouring in.  Just a very concrete sequential way of
> keeping the "real" code visible.

There was discussion at some point going on AFAIR on the topic or
close to the topic, but I don't recall how it ended. But this idea is
not new, and I don't remember why this approach wasn't followed...

One could've created a /po dir as you are saying and have translations
under it with directories for every component. But I'm not sure how
the gettext and other tools work, so I it might be specifics of the
tools. I still have to install them in order to use. But it's Peter
Eisentraut is in charge of NLS, so I guess he can clarify these points
better than I.


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