Diff for src/interfaces/libpq/fe-connect.c between version 1.195

Diff for src/interfaces/libpq/fe-connect.c between version 1.195

Post by Bruce Momji » Sat, 12 Oct 2002 12:49:15

> Hello Bruce!

> You have patched fe-connect.c and dropeed out one check in line 1078:

> < while (rp == NULL || remains.tv_sec > 0 || (remains.tv_sec == 0 && remains.tv_usec > 0))
> ---
> > while (rp == NULL || remains.tv_sec > 0 || remains.tv_usec > 0)

> As I understand it is dangerous. The remains.tv_usec can be greater than zero while remains.tv_sec is below zero. It must exit form the loop in that conditions.

[ CC to hackers.]

Well, I can see how it could go negative, but if that happens, we have a
bigger problem.  tv_sec on my system is an unsigned int, so I think the
value will show as huge rather than negative.  If you want negative
values, I think you are going to need to use a real signed integer.
Would you send a context diff (diff -c) against CVS with a fix?

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I don't know.  Would you ask hackers list, and perhaps CC the author of
that patch.


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