Post by Ferindo Middleto » Wed, 04 Jun 2003 08:30:11

I'm running Redhat linux 9, Postgresql 7.3.2, and pgaccess version 0.98.8

when I start pgaccess by typing pgaccess test I get the following error
message which apparently involves the inability of the program to start
because I don't have any "script" relations made.... How can I get around
this issue. I'm new to postgresql and I've just been using the interactive
terminal > psql. How can I get pgaccess to work. Thanks in advance for
your help.

Maybe my question is: "How do you write a script "relation".. I only know
how to do tables. However, I don't think I should have to have any script
relations in order to get a pgaccess session started.


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Note that before bugzilla really supports postgresql, we (ie the bugzilla
team) are going to need DROP COLUMN support, as well as support for
changing a field's type. This is because thats how upgrades are done, when
new features change the bz schema.

and below for the code. Lots of it is currently mysql specific, and could
easily be wrapped in helper functions - some of it already is. That won't
help if there isn't an easy way to use the functionality, though.

Reclaiming the disk space is also really needed, because upgrading a
bugzilla installation could change a table multiple times, and requirng
all that extra disk space will probably be an issue with most admins.


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