Disabling triggers (was Re: pgsql 7.2.3 crash)

Disabling triggers (was Re: pgsql 7.2.3 crash)

Post by Kevin Bro » Tue, 10 Dec 2002 18:58:10

> The second case is usually something like an insert into the employee table
> fires off an email to IT to create a login and security to make a badge.
> Commonly we turn off workflows (by disabling their related triggers) in our
> development and test databases so someone doesn't disable the CEO's login
> when we fire him as part of our testing! I think in this scenario it is
> better to be able to disable the trigger globally ;-)

I think in this scenario it's probably better to not fire the CEO,
gratifying as it may be!  :-)


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1. Disabling triggers (was Re: pgsql 7.2.3 crash)

That's my leaning too, after further reflection.  Will make it so.

Unless I missed it, it's not in current sources.

I was wondering whether an ALTER TABLE command is really the right way
to approach this.  If we had an ALTER-type command, presumably the
implication is that its effects would be global to all backends.  But
the uses that I've seen for suspending trigger invocations would be
happier with a local, temporary setting that only affects the current
backend.  Any thoughts about that?

                        regards, tom lane

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