pgsql/src/interfaces/odbc bind.c connection.c ...

pgsql/src/interfaces/odbc bind.c connection.c ...

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CVSROOT:        /cvsroot
Module name:    pgsql

Modified files:
        src/interfaces/odbc: bind.c connection.c connection.h convert.c
                             convert.h environ.c execute.c info.c
                             odbcapi.c odbcapi30.c options.c parse.c
                             pgapifunc.h pgtypes.c pgtypes.h psqlodbc.h
                             psqlodbc.rc qresult.c results.c statement.c

Log message:
        The version is now 7.01.0010.
        1) Handle parameter array.
        2) Allow re-use of the connection handle after SQLDisconnect.
        3) Reject NULL if no indicator specified.
        4) Improve the handling of '_' in table name.
        5) Unify internal begin/commit/abort operations.
        6) Change SQLTables() to return null not "" for the
        7) Fix a bug about parameter handling reported by Benoit Menendez.
        8) Add cast in handling ODBC date/time escape sequences.
        9) Fix a bug about cache_size handing in declare/fetch mode.

        [ODBC3.0 related]
        10) Improve the handling of descriptor handles(ODBC3.0).
        11) Improve the type handling of some types for ODBC3.0.

        [Thanks to Marcelo Aceto for his useful patches]
        12) Allow nested ODBC escape.
        13) Allow changing autocommit on/off inside the transaction
        14) Improve the handling of ODBC scalar functions.

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1. pgsql/src/interfaces/odbc bind.c connection.c ...

CVSROOT:        /cvsroot
Module name:    pgsql

Modified files:
        src/interfaces/odbc: bind.c connection.c convert.c
                             dlg_specific.c environ.c info.c multibyte.c
                             multibyte.h pgtypes.c qresult.c

Log message:
        Fix for ODBC compile warnings.

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