Altering a CHAR(4) column CHAR(5) changing pg_attribute

Altering a CHAR(4) column CHAR(5) changing pg_attribute

Post by Jan Wie » Thu, 28 Mar 2002 05:02:38

> > I have a table with a column of type CHAR(4) and I want to change the
> > column type to CHAR(5). This table is referenced by many other tables
> > and dropping it and recreating will be a massacre...

> > So I have had this idea:
> > why do not change the row of that column in the pg_attribute system
> > table?

> > In particular my idea is to change the atttypmod from 8 to 9 (I have
> > thought char(5) is larger 1 byte than char(4)...then...).

> > Is this possible? There will be bad consequences for my table?

> If you were using varchar, this would be fine. With char, you have
> issues with the padding spaces if you ever convert them to text
> (for example using lower or upper).

    The padding issue with char is, that it is actually padded on
    input, and the change in the  atttypmod  doesn't  change  the
    padding  of  the  individual  values.  To correct that, you'd
    have to touch all the existing values, so they go through the
    padding again.

        UPDATE q1 SET a = a || '';

    would do the job just fine in your example.


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> In my test:
> create table q1(a char(4));

> insert into q1 values ('a');

> update pg_attribute set atttypmod=9 where attrelid=(Select
> oid from pg_class where relname='q1') and attname='a';

> insert into q1 values ('a');

> select * from q1, q1 q2 where q1.a=q2.a;
>    a   |   a
> -------+-------
>  a     | a
>  a     | a
>  a     | a
>  a     | a
> (4 rows)

> select * from q1, q1 q2 where lower(q1.a)=lower(q2.a);
>    a   |   a
> -------+-------
>  a     | a
>  a     | a
> (2 rows)

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1. Altering a CHAR(4) column CHAR(5) changing

I have done my tests too and it worked... I think this is a thing to put
in the FAQ or in some other place... This will help all persons who have
to convert "textual" types between them without dropping and recreating
tables, indexes, etc...

Thank you for your help...


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Il mar, 2002-03-26 alle 18:29, Tom Lane ha scritto:

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