Regression test fails

Regression test fails

Post by Stefan Brozinsk » Wed, 30 Jan 2002 18:45:16


I have just installed postgresql-7.1.3 on a Solaris 8 computer.

Running the regression tests results in some failures.

Im am far from being a postgresql expert, so I do not have a clue (a) how
serious the failures are and (b) how to fix them.

Is there anyone interested in reviewing the regression diffs? Or should I
post them to this (or a different) news group?

The regression tests that failed are:

- timestamp
- interval
- abstime
- test horology
- random (ignored)
- test misc

Best regards,


1. Regression tests failing on abstime due to test date being

From: expected/abstime.out

   WHERE ABSTIME_TBL.f1 < abstime 'Jun 30, 2001';
 six |              f1
     | Sun Jan 14 03:14:21 1973 PST
     | Mon May 01 00:30:30 1995 PDT
     | epoch
     | current
     | -infinity
     | Sat May 10 23:59:12 1947 PST
(6 rows)

In my system current is now after Jun 30 and so doesn't appear. If the test
passes it's actually a huge problem ;).

Is it necessary to pick dates so close in the "future" when setting up the
test? How about setting such dates to some date when the next version is
likely to be out :). Then at least if it fails it's a convenient time to
ask newbies to upgrade to 7.X or even 8.

It's just a very minor issue, but this has happened before - one release
had the testdate < Y2K.


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