pgsql/src/interfaces/odbc (bind.c columninfo.c environ.c tuplelist.c)

pgsql/src/interfaces/odbc (bind.c columninfo.c environ.c tuplelist.c)

Post by pet.. » Thu, 21 Dec 2000 02:52:41

Author: petere

Update of /home/projects/pgsql/cvsroot/pgsql/src/interfaces/odbc

Modified Files:
        bind.c columninfo.c environ.c tuplelist.c

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Remove inclusions of <malloc.h>.


1. pgsql/src/interfaces/odbc bind.c columninfo.c ...

CVSROOT:        /home/projects/pgsql/cvsroot
Module name:    pgsql

Modified files:
        src/interfaces/odbc: bind.c columninfo.c connection.c convert.c
                             dlg_specific.c drvconn.c environ.c
                             execute.c gpps.c info.c lobj.c misc.c
                             multibyte.c options.c parse.c pgtypes.c
                             psqlodbc.c qresult.c results.c setup.c
                             socket.c statement.c tuple.c tuplelist.c

Log message:
        ODBC source code cleanup patch.  Should match rest of PostgreSQL code better.

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