grant under SQL92

grant under SQL92

Post by Oliver Elphic » Thu, 22 Mar 2001 01:01:37

  >test=> create table test (col1 int,col2 int);
  >test=> grant select on test (col1) to user1;
  >ERROR: parser: parse error at or near "("
  >I'm trying to use GRANT with SQL92 extentions,(set permissions on
  >the individual column) but it dosn't work.
  >Where I was wrong ?
  >Please, help me.

Sorry.  That feature is not yet supported at all.  You can only grant
permissions on whole tables.

  >from aw_pgsql_book:
  >>The SQL92 syntax for GRANT allows setting privileges for individual columns
      > within a table, and
  >>allows setting a privilege to grant the same privileges to others:
  >>GRANT privilege [, ...]
  >>ON object [ ( column [, ...] ) ] [, ...]
  >           ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  >>TO { PUBLIC | username [, ...] }
  >by default, I can use SQL92 format - is it right??

No.  You quoted from the compatibility section of the GRANT manual page, which
lists what SQL92 allows and PostgreSQL does not!

SQL92 (SQL99?) compatibility is a lon-term goal which has not yet been


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