pgsql/src/bin/scripts (

pgsql/src/bin/scripts (

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Author: tgl

Update of /home/projects/pgsql/cvsroot/pgsql/src/bin/scripts

Modified Files:

-----------------------------  Log Message  -----------------------------

Revise handling of oldstyle/newstyle functions per recent discussions
in pghackers list.  Support for oldstyle internal functions is gone
(no longer needed, since conversion is complete) and pg_language entry
'internal' now implies newstyle call convention.  pg_language entry
'newC' is gone; both old and newstyle dynamically loaded C functions
are now called language 'C'.  A newstyle function must be identified
by an associated info routine.  See src/backend/utils/fmgr/README.


1. pgsql/src bin/scripts/ bin/script ...

CVSROOT:        /home/projects/pgsql/cvsroot
Module name:    pgsql

Modified files:
        src/bin/scripts: droplang
        src/pl         : Makefile
        src/pl/plpython: Makefile plpython.c plpython.h
Removed files:
        src/pl/plpython: error.diff error.output feature.diff
                         feature.output linux.h plpython_create.sql

Log message:
        PL/Python integration:  support in create/droplang, add CVS keywords,
        remove useless files, beat some sense into Makefile.  For me it builds
        and sort of runs, so it's a start.

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10. pgsql/src/bin/scripts (createdb createuser dropdb droplang dropuser vacuumdb)

11. pgsql/src/bin/scripts Makefile

12. pgsql/src/bin/scripts (createdb createuser dropdb droplang dropuser vacuumdb)