crash help, pgsql 7.2.1 on RH7.3

crash help, pgsql 7.2.1 on RH7.3

Post by Tim Lync » Fri, 22 Nov 2002 05:46:51

running pgsql 7.2.1 on redhat7.3 SMP. installed a hacked glibc to fix the
mktime() timezone problem for dates < 1970

three times now the backend process has unexpectedly quit. what happens is
the postmaster process and the stats processes disappear and only the client
connection processes remain.

i don't see a core file. nothing interesting is mentioned in the logs except
for the usual redo post-mortem on startup, "database system was interrupted
at ...". i'm new to postgres admin, so i'm hoping folks can give some
direction as to where to begin solving this problem. it's happened about 3
times in two months.

now that 7.2.3 is out and fixes the mktime() problem i should probably
upgrade to that and revert to stock redhat glibc stuff. my concern is that i
have no idea what caused these events and i don't know what to do to ensure
that when it happens again i'll be able to determine the cause. what type of
logging and monitoring is recommended to report the health of a running

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1. crash help, pgsql 7.2.1 on RH7.3

Really!?  That would seem to indicate a postmaster crash.  (The stats
processes are designed to quit automatically when the parent postmaster
exits, so it's no surprise they'd exit too.)  This is highly unusual,
and worth looking into more closely.

Check that you are starting the postmaster with "ulimit -c unlimited";
this is not the default on most Linuxen, so you may have to add that to
the start script.  Also note that the postmaster never does a chdir,
so if it drops core it will be in the same directory the start script
was running in.

Probably.  But I do not think the postmaster ever calls mktime(), so the
odds are that your glibc hack is unrelated.

                        regards, tom lane

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