OLAP linked Server

OLAP linked Server

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Q242025 INF: How to Set Up Security for Linked Server to OLAP Services

Q218592 HOWTO: SQL Server 7 Distributed Query with OLAP Server

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1. Linked OLAP Query from SQL Server 2000 to Analysis Server- Return Data Types

Here is a simple MDX query that I am executing to return multidimensional
data in table format using a linked query.
One of the problems I am facing is the return datatypes.
SQL Server converts all data values into ntext(4000) (Why is it allocating
so many chars). How can I return the values as char or varchar.
Further the measures are also returned as ntext instead of float.
Any help in modifying this query to fix the data conversion would be
much appreciated.

       {[Measures].[vsmm], [Measures].[Wtd Avg LTV]}  ON AXIS(0),
       {[Seasoning].[Age].Members} ON AXIS(1),
       {[LoanPurpose].[Lpurpose].Members} ON AXIS(2),
       {[PrepayPenalty].[Pp Flag].Members} ON AXIS(3),
       {[RelativeCouponLag3].[Rel Cpn3].Members} ON AXIS(4),
       { [LTV].[Ltv Bucket].Members} ON AXIS(5),
       {[BorrowerGrade].[Bgrade Mod].Members} ON AXIS(6),
       {[OrigBalance].[Obal Bucket].Members} ON AXIS(7),
       {[BeginDelinqStatus].[Bmba].Members} ON AXIS(8)      
FROM ResearchCube
( [CouponType].[All CouponType].[Fixed] , [LienType].[All LienType].[1]) ' )

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