Lookup Behavior When Lookup Table is Empty

Lookup Behavior When Lookup Table is Empty

Post by CR » Sat, 01 Dec 2001 00:38:56

I have a simple lookup that looks up a name based on a code -- very typical.

However, if the table I'm looking at has zero rows, then the lookup returns
the value of the CODE instead of returning nothing.  Why is that?  Can this
be avoided somehow?



1. Lookup Tables to Lookup Tables

I am on a job converting an Oracle database to SQL Server.  We are making
some changes to the data model.  The database includes about 30 lookup
tables which supply necessary data choices to the main table.  In several
cases, there are lookup tables which, in turn, supply data to fields in the
lookup tables.  I haven't come across this before and wherever the
secondary lookup tables consist of only a few choices am recommending to
the client that they eliminate the secondary lookup table and use a
constraint instead on the field in the primary lookup table.  

Are lookup tables to lookup tables standard industry practice?  (My
instinct tells me no but I thought I'd check...)

Donna S.

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