DTF crashes...

DTF crashes...

Post by Greg M. Silverma » Tue, 17 Jun 2003 23:07:13

We're having a problem when trying to export from Access into SQL Server
in that every time we try this, DTS crashes.

SQL <-> SQL,
Excel -> SQL, etc.  work just fine, but Access is no go.

Note: this USED to work fine; the problems all started AFTER we switched
our Windows PDC from Windows to Samba... And finally, we are fully
patched on everything, SQL 2000, running on W2K. Any ideas? Everything
else seems to be hunky dory...




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This is my first post to this group and I'm sure that this question is one
that is asked and answered many times but having scoured the deja archives I
still can't resolve it myself.  So I'd be obliged if some kind soul can help
me out.

I have an existing C++ application, single user non-networked, dtF database
application which runs fine.  For various reasons, I'd like to re-write it
using JDBC.  However, I'm stuck at the first hurdle: I can't connect to my

I'm following the following logic...

        // Attempt to load database driver

        // Connect to the database
        theConnection = DriverManager.getConnection(

...which returns "NumberFormatException"

I've tried dynamically linking the above but get the same results.  Does
anyone have any suggestions what I'm missing?


--Tony Osborne

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