Permission Denied

Permission Denied

Post by IanB » Fri, 02 May 2003 21:16:26

I have a DTS Package to Object Transfer stored procedures
with extended properties between two databases on
different servers. The security appears to be correct to
allow the transfer as the user has dbo rights on both
databases, but the package is failing with BACKUP LOG and
SETUSER permission denied messages.

Any ideas?


1. EXECUTE Permission denied...What Execute permission????

When using an asp page to access a SQL Server 6.5 I get a response of
EXECUTE Permission Denied.

This occures when I try to open a recordset.

RS.Open "tablename", conn, 3,3

Its weird, I gave the user full access to select, insert etc but i get the
execute permission denied message. I only see an execute permission for
stored procedures, not tables.
If I hardcode it to use the sa account it works. As far as I can tell Ive
given this user all the permissions I can. Would this user need any access
to the other tables ie. master etc??

Thanks, Bob


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