Problem accessing Access 97 replicated database with ODBC 4.02

Problem accessing Access 97 replicated database with ODBC 4.02

Post by Pedro Altozan » Tue, 28 Sep 1999 04:00:00

Please Help!

I was able to access an ODBC database from frontpage, but now I've installed
SQL server 7.0 and this has upgraded my ODBC driver for access from version
3.5 to 4. With this new driver when I try to add or modify a record I get
the message: "Operation not supported for replicated databases that have not
been converted to the new version".

What can I do?


1. Use link ODBC to replicate tables SQL 6.5 to database Access 97

Please can you help.

We try to replicacte  tables SQL 6.5 to database Access 97.
We make a like ODBC from the server to the database ACCESS 97 of the
But when we try to declare the station as a client of teh replication a
message come :"Error 50004 : the server can't open the database Access 97.
She is open to a other station ". But it is not open.

Can you help for make the link and use it?

Thank you.

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