sql problem

sql problem

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Using top x statement could be another solution. For example, in pubs
sample database, you can select 6-10 using the following expression:

select top 5 * from (select top 10 * from authors order by au_lname) as t
order by au_lname desc

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I have a very strange behaviour of one of ours web applications.

I have the user interface in VB.NET, I have the business logic layer as
VB6 COM components running as COM+ applications(W2K SP3) and the data
I have two SQL Servers one live and one for test the only difference is
that the live server has some more security updates so the versions of
SQL differs slightly
Live: 8.00.578
Test: 8.00.534

I have a form in VB.NET(ASP.NET) that updates some information
concerning an user(last name, first name and email).
When I want to update this information on the live server I can see in
the database the lines that were modified (I hold theese values in the
database as attributes so I have a line for each name and one for email)
but if I wait for 5-15 seconds those lines diappear from the database.
It is a strange behaviour as if I use the test server this doesn't

I tried using profiler but I had no stetemen that executes a delete in
that table.

Any idea where I should check?

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