Best Book

Best Book

Post by Andre » Wed, 17 Mar 1999 04:00:00

I have experience with relational db's, I'm very new to writing stored
procedures.  Can anyone recommend a good book (or two) for writing TSQL on
SQL 7?




Best Book

Post by Neil Pik » Thu, 18 Mar 1999 04:00:00

There's always a spare bed here if you make it over again - not quite as
"flash" as my flat, but it's a bit bigger.

Quote:> Neil knows he doesn't have to do anything extra to get his copy. I only wish
> I could deliver it to his doorstep in person!

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Hello, don't know if this the proper place for this question, but I
imagine you folks can point me where I need to go..  

I'm going to be inheriting a proprietary database implementation at my
new job and have had having trouble finding a thorough treatment of
database implementation.  I know this is a rather open request, but I
guess I'm looking for the "Dragon Book" of RDBMS implementation.  

Any thoughts would be appreciated!  Thanks.

Trevor Hilaiel

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