MSDE 2000 (Merge module)

MSDE 2000 (Merge module)

Post by Andreas H?kansso » Wed, 13 Jun 2001 04:41:00

1. MSDE 2000 merge modules on machines where MSDE is already installed

I have created a Windows Installer package (with InstallShield for Windows
Installer) which includes the MSDE 2000 merge modules.

For a new installation of my company's product, everything works fine.

However, if I create an updated package, containing a new version of the
product, and try to install this on a machine, where MSDE is already
installed, then I run into problems.

At first, I was getting the error message "The instance name specified is
invalid". I have got rid of this by removing the custom action
"DetectInstanceClash" from SqlBase.msm. (Of course, this may have side
effects which I am not aware of!)

I am specifying an instance name.
I have a custom action which detects if my instance of MSDE is installed,
which I can easily extend to set properties etc.

I have tried setting the properties SqlUpgrade/SqlUpgradeUser, also setting
the property SQLMSDEInstalled and clearing the property SQLMSDESelected, but
so far have not found any combination which works.

Has anybody managed to create a package which would update their own product
without affecting an existing MSDE installation?


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